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PART 2 - Bespoke Handbag Charms - The Art of Leather Craft
Posted on Thursday December 22nd 2016


We welcome back our beautiful friend, Marian (@myh_myh_myh), to give us an insight into her talent for leather craft and specifically, her ability to create bespoke handbag charms to adorn the finest of handbags!! 

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YOUR LUXURY GIFT GUIDE FOR CHRISTMAS - and all at under $450!!
Posted on Friday November 25th 2016


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! Don't miss our Luxury Gift Guide for the Season! We have something for everyone and all at under $450! Have a look at the treasures we have found just for you! 

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PART 1 - An Hermes Collection To Make You Weak At The Knees!
Posted on Sunday November 6th 2016


Introducing the lovely and talented Marian (@myh_myh_myh), whose carefully curated Hermes Collection is both thoughtful and inspiring! The lovely Marian graciously allowed Polished Purses to interview her and has given us a sneak peak into her collection and shared some highlights in her 'handbag acquisition career'. Make sure you come back for Part Two soon!

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Girl's Lush Day Out - Hermes Opening & Palazzo Versace
Posted on Saturday July 16th 2016


Resident Blogger @Luxe_Lover takes us for a tour of the new Hermes Boutique at the Gold Coast followed by some lush shopping and High Tea at the iconic Palazzo Versace!

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A Savvy Girl's Guide to Saving for Chanel
Posted on Monday June 6th 2016


Guest Blogger @theluxe_edit shares her tips and tricks for saving for that Holy Grail Bag. Opening up about her journey to acquire a Chanel Jumbo Flap, she gives readers an insight into the sacrifices she made along the way, whilst providing practical tips on how to reach your financial goal!  

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The 'Other' Classic Flap
Posted on Wednesday May 25th 2016


You know all about the Chanel Classic Flap Bag. The Medium/Large and Jumbo Flaps are regularly seen on the arms of fashionistas around the world, but what about the Maxi!? Why is it the 'Black Sheep' of the Classic Flap family?

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Bringing Home the Birkin - The Journey Begins - PART 2
Posted on Monday May 16th 2016


Part 2 of Polished Purses' Hermes Birkin Series - Our resident Blogger shares how her journey to acquire her first Birkin bag unfolded and the unexpected aftermath of her prized acquisition... 

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The Illusive Hermes Birkin Bag - PART 1
Posted on Monday March 28th 2016


Part 1 of Polished Purses' 'Hermes Birkin Series', written by resident blogger @Luxe_Lover. Part 1 provides an introduction into the highly coveted and mysterious Hermes Birkin bag and highlights 'Australian-specific' issues that Birkin buyers may face. 


Photo contributors - IG @Baige58, @foxalpha23.

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The Hermes Birkin - A Better Investment Than The Stock Market..?
Posted on Saturday February 27th 2016


It has been recently reported that the Hermes Birkin bag may yield better financial returns than the Stock Market or even Gold. Get the scoop here!! 

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Shopping for Luxury... the Dream Job??
Posted on Wednesday February 17th 2016


An insight into the life of a Personal Shopper in the Luxury World..! The fabulous @Shopper_Doll guest blogs for Polished Purses, opening up about her career as a personal shopper which entails sourcing the most luxurious and exclusive fashion items for clients around the world.

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Charmed, Darling..!
Posted on Tuesday January 19th 2016


Our Guest Bag Blogger @Luv_iz_Luxury shares her love of bag charms and her extensive collection. What a great way to personalise your handbag or match your mood! Get the scoop here! 

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The Louis Vuitton Mabillon Bag
Posted on Sunday January 3rd 2016


Resident Bag Blogger Luxe_Lover reveals her newly released Louis Vuitton Mabillon bag!

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Festive Favourites
Posted on Monday November 30th 2015


Check out our FESTIVE FAVOURITES, sure to get you in the Christmas spirit this season!

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My Red Hot Chanel Reveal...!
Posted on Wednesday September 16th 2015


My RED HOT reveal from the weekend...!

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Oh La La..! Why you NEED a Chanel O Case in your life!
Posted on Tuesday September 8th 2015


A mini review and insight into the popular Chanel O Case. A new staple in my closet..!

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An Impromptu Girls' Trip is Always a Good Idea..
Posted on Friday July 10th 2015


My adventures and mini shopping expedition in a city close to my heart... Includes 'what's in my bag - Travel edition', mini shopping haul and some delicious food finds...! 

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Quaint Tea Rooms and Chanel
Posted on Thursday June 25th 2015


A beautiful afternoon and a lucky find at Chanel... Revealing my latest Chanel acquisition!

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Buying Pre-Loved Luxe
Posted on Monday June 15th 2015


Tips and Tricks for the savvy handbag lover when buying pre-loved Luxury..!



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WOC's THE BIG DEAL..!? - The Chanel Wallet on Chain explored
Posted on Thursday May 28th 2015


A sneak peak at the Chanel Wallet on Chain (WOC)

What is the fuss all about!?


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Welcome to the Polished Purses' Blog
Posted on Thursday August 28th 2014


Meet our resident Bag Blogger..!

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